Medical Advocacy - Supporting you in the ER

can doWhat a Medical Advocate can do for you

Immediately following an assault you may face many emotional, medical, and legal decisions. Advocates can:

  • Meet you at the hospital emergency room and stay with you during your visit.
  • Provide information to help you make the best possible decisions for your situation.
  • Advocate for your needs with the hospital staff.
  • Talk with your family or friends about how to best support you.
  • Help you find a safe place to go when you leave the hospital and figure out your next steps.


servicesWhat services do Medical Advocates provide

Medical advocates provide in-person, compassionate and knowledgeable support to survivors and their families in hospital emergency departments 24 hours a day.


imageWho are BARCC Medical Advocates

BARCC’s medical advocates are specially trained rape crisis counselors who understand the hospital emergency room experience. They go to the hospital over 350 times a year. BARCC works in cooperation with hospitals to assure that survivors get the best possible care.

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