Below are the local SANE designated hospitals as well as Non-SANE Hospitals

SANE designated hospitals

If you decide to go to the emergency room, try to go to one that is part of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program. This program has specially trained nurses who can examine you and can collect evidence. They will also call BARCC and a trained Medical Advocate can meet you at the hospital.  You may be faced with confusing medical and legal decisions, and the Medical Advocate can help you through the process.

SANE hospitals in the Boston area are:

Non-SANE Hospitals

If you go to an emergency room that is not part of the SANE program, a BARCC Medical Advocate can still meet you at a hospital in the greater Boston area. Call the hotline to request a medical advocate.

Non-SANE hospitals in the Boston area are:


Resources by Town lists the contact information and location of the ER closest to your town.

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