Counseling Groups and Workshops

BARCC offers groups and workshops for survivors and people who are close to them. All groups and workshops are free. If you are interested in submitting a request for group counseling, you may fill out a request online online or call the office at 617-492-8306. You can request groups on an ongoing basis throughout the year; groups generally run in the spring and fall. Some groups require an in-person intake; some have age restrictions. 

Spring 2017 groups

  • Significant Others Group: Thursday nights in March, 6:00–7:30 p.m., BARCC Cambridge office (please contact Bella at 617­-649­1262 or Nathalie at 617­-902­-2833 for required phone screening)
  • Healing from Trauma Phase 1 for Male-Identified Survivors: Tuesday nights, 6:30–8:00 p.m., March 7–April 25, Fenway Health, 1340 Boylston Street
  • Self-Care for Spanish-Speaking Survivors: to be determined based on interest
  • Healing from Trauma Phase 2 for Female-Identified Survivors: full, no longer recruiting members

Group descriptions

Healing from Trauma Phase 1

  • Members: adult survivors age 18 and older
  • Group types: female-identified, male-identified, and Spanish-speaking survivors
  • Number of sessions: 8–10
  • Format: psychoeducation, using weekly worksheets
  • Requirement: prior individual counseling about the sexual trauma

This group provides its members with a forum to discuss the impact of sexual violence on their lives and their relationships. It also explores useful ways to cope with common challenges faced by survivors of sexual violence. Topics of weekly worksheets include: What is sexual violence and responses to sexual violence, safety, coping, self-care, guilt/shame/self-blame, trust, anger, relationships and disclosure, body-image, making meaning of your experience.

Healing from Trauma Phase 2

  • Members: adult survivors age 18 and older
  • Group types: female-identified, male-identified, and Spanish-speaking survivors
  • Number of sessions: 8–12
  • Format: processing using various self-reflective exercises
  • Requirement: prior individual counseling about the sexual trauma and Phase 1 group

In this group, we ask members to share a bit more about themselves, their past, and their hopes for the future. This group's goal is helping members understand the context surrounding their trauma experience, create connection within themselves, and recognize new possibilities for their lives. This group will provide a supportive environment for members to directly address their trauma experiences and foster a more holistic, unified sense of self. Topics include paths to healing, identifying context, reconnecting to self, sharing self, grief and loss, caring for self, and life beyond trauma.

Significant Others Group

  • Members: adult significant others, age 18 and older, including intimate partners, family, and friends of survivors
  • Number of sessions: 8
  • Format: support group
  • Requirement: Non-offenders

This group provides a safe and supportive space for all significant others of survivors with a history of sexual trauma across the lifespan, including but not limited to intimate partners, family members, and friends. The group focuses on understanding the impacts of sexual trauma on the survivor, on themselves as significant others, and their relationships with the survivor. It also provides useful ways to cope with common challenges faced by significant others and helpful ways to provide support to survivors.

Spanish Self-Care for Survivors (Siguiendo adelante después del trauma)

  • Members: Spanish-speaking female-identified survivors of sexual violence
  • Number of sessions: 3 or more
  • Format: support group or workshops
  • Requirement: individual therapy

This support group provides adult Spanish-speaking female survivors of sexual violence a safe space to address the impact of the trauma on their current lives, identify coping strategies, and plan for self-care. This workshop addresses the added impact of Latin@ culture and immigration on their trauma. Topics for the weekly sessions include: understanding sexual violence and its impact, coping skills for symptoms of trauma, self-care, dealing with feelings of shame, self-blame, difficulty trusting, body image and self-esteem, and making meaning of their experience.

Este grupo de apoyo brinda un espacio seguro para mujeres adultas hispanohablantes que son sobrevivientes de violencia sexual, para hablar del impacto del trauma en sus vidas, aprender maneras de lidiar con el efecto del trauma y crear un plan de autocuidado. Este taller connecta temas de la cultura Latin@ y inmigración con el trauma. Temas de las sesiones incluyen: violencia sexual y el impacto, herramientos de aliviar síntomas del trauma, autocuidado, lidiando con sentimientos de pena, dificultades con confianza, autoestima y el cuerpo y como hacer sentido de su experiencia.

Self-Care Workshops

  • Members: adult survivors 18 and older
  • Number of sessions: TBD
  • Format: workshop sometimes facilitated by provider outside of BARCC with expertise in topic
  • Group Requirement: interest in group topic

Workshops for those affected by sexual violence to understand the importance of self-care and the ease in which it can be integrated into someone’s life. The workshops are open to all adult survivors. Past workshop topics have included yoga, zumba, mindfulness, cooking, music, and art.


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