Resources on Rape for Immigrants

Don’t Turn Your Back On Girls: Sexual Violence Against Girls In Haiti by Amnesty International (November 2008). This report argues that sexual violence against girls, and in particular rape, is pervasive in Haiti and that it can no longer be ignored.

Immigrant Women and Sexual Violence. The resources included in this special collection are organized into the following six areas: 1) immigrant women in the United States; 2) sexual violence in immigrant communities; 3) sexual violence during the process of immigration; 4) barriers to accessing services; 5) services to the survivors of sexual violence; and 6) organizations that provide services to immigrant women

The Vulnerable Women’s Project Good Practice Guide: Assisting Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women affected by Rape or Sexual Violence by the Refugee Council (February 2009). The guide explains the Refugee Council approach to best practice in caring for women who have been subject to sexual violence, including rape. The guide has been written to assist staff in RCOs, Refugee Agencies and other welfare and advice organizations that provide services to refugee and asylum seeking women. It is also intended as a tool for staff in rape crisis centers and health service settings who encounter refugee and asylum seeking women who have been raped or exposed to sexual violence.

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