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Bar owners, management and staff have a unique opportunity to intervene and to prevent sexual assault by creating a safe space for patrons, and BARCC provides strategies for doing so in its trainings for bar owners, management and staff.

Despite public attention on other drugs used to facilitate sexual assault, random analysis of urine samples collected for evidence in sexual assault cases indicates that the two most frequently detected substances are alcohol and marijuana, and at least 45% of rapists are themselves under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Evidence also suggests that the vast majority of assailants are not strangers; whether they have been a long-time friend or someone the victim met at a bar two hours ago, the assailant and the victim usually have established some sort of connection.

Given the above, BARCC has developed resources specifically to train bar owners and staff and they are available for free download. Materials include a powerpoint presentation, scenarios with a facilitation guide, tips for bar owners and for staff, and a bibliography.

Download the Bar Workshop Materials. We ask that you complete a very short request form so that we can tell our funders who is interested in these type of materials. You may also be interested in a recently published article on BARCC’s collaboration with law enforcement, bar owners and management and the the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission on these bar workshops.

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