Survivors speak out

BARCC provides training in public speaking for survivors, including how and where to share your story, how to overcome nervousness, and how to handle questions. In addition, educators from our Survivor Speakers Bureau are available to go into the community to speak about their personal experiences with sexual violence - from the incident to the aftermath, to the road to recovery. Contact us to find out more about our speaker training for survivors and our Survivor Speakers Bureau.

There are many online forums for survivors to share their story. Some of them are listed in our online resource section, Resources by survivors for survivors. You should carefully review the privacy polices of any site before sharing your story. 

Every survivor experiences sexual violence differently, and every survivor can add to our understanding of the problem of sexual violence. Together we can work toward creating a world without sexual violence.


“Inviting my friends and family to walk with me at the Walk for Change finally gave them something to do to show their support and care for me. ”

24-hour hotline: 800.841.8371

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