Patricia “Most Wonderful Mother in the World” Welch Fund

Patricia Welch (1938-2009) was an exceptional mother and grandmother who was much beloved for her quick wit, sense of humor, kindness and generosity.  A talented and hardworking nurse, chef, and writer, she reveled in the simple joys of life and always made the people around her feel special. 

Her four children (Gina Scaramella, the executive director of BARCC; Julie Scaramella, Marisa Scaramella and Thomas Scaramella) set up the Patricia “MWMW” Welch Fund to build on their mother’s bequest to the agency and to honor her extraordinarily generous spirit.  MWMW stands for “Most Wonderful Mother in the World” a title that she humorously persuaded her children to call her when they were little and that simply grew to feel like the truth.  With the help of the Fund’s support of general operations at BARCC, Pat Welch’s remarkable ability to listen and care for others will be extended to thousands of survivors each year.

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