Resources on prisoner rape

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ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union.  Website devoted to protecting American Civil Liberties, including freedom of speech, right to equal protection under the law, right to privacy, and right to due process under the law.  Specifically this organization works extend rights to segments of the population which have traditionally been denied these rights (e.g. prisoners, LGBT, women). 

Amnesty International USA: Action for Human Rights. Hope for Humanity.  Website dedicated to human rights issues. 

No Escape: Male Rape in US Prisons.  Human Rights Watch undertook three years of research to expose the problem of male rape in U.S. prisons. The resulting 378-page report is based on information from over 200 prisoners spread among thirty-four states, some of whom were interviewed personally, as well as an exhaustive survey of state prison authorities.

SPR: Stop Prisoner Rape.  This organization works to end sexual violence committed against men, women, and youth in all forms of detention.  Website includes information including, fact sheets, survivor testimony, legal resources, and self help resources for prisoners who are survivors of sexual violence. 




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