Get Help for a Teen

There are many things you can do for a teen who has been sexually assaulted.

  • Listen: Often, a teen in crisis just needs someone to hear her/his story. You can show you are really listening by not judging them or questioning what you are hearing.
  • Be supportive: It's natural for you to have beliefs and attitudes that will be challenged by what the teen is telling you, but, hold your opinions. Right now they just need to be heard.
  • Let the teen decide what they want to talk about: Don't push the teen to talk about things they are not ready to discuss. Don't pry. Speak calmly and gently.
  • Respect the teen's privacy: Don't tell other people about what happened to them unless they tell you it is OK.
  • Remind the teen that you care: You can show affection by listening, speaking calmly and gently, believing them and keeping an open mind.
  • Have the teen contact us about getting services.
  • See more resources for teens.

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