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There are many online forums for survivors to share their story. Some of them are listed here. You should carefully review the privacy polices of any site before sharing your story. 

Aardvarc: An Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Center.  Website devoted to providing information and resources for survivors, their families and friends and agencies and programs which serve them. Started and run by survivors. Topics include: sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence. 

After Silence: “The Lotus is a flower that rises from the mud.  The deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms.”  Website provides information about this non-profit organization including an online message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors.  Free to join and confidential. 

Compassionate Creations Compassionate Creations is a chapter of Threads of Compassion.  They are a loosely connected group of survivors of sexual violence who desire to offer comfort and support to recent victims. Anyone whose life has been affected by sexual assault or abuse is welcome to crochet or knit a scarf which in turn will be given to a survivor of sexual violence when they enter the hospital for emergency treatment or at their initial meeting with a counselor at the rape crisis center.

Dancing in the Darkness: Who Am I? It’s Time to Break the Silence…  
Website provides a safe place for survivors to share their stories through a message board.  Website is informative and provides a list of links to other helpful websites for survivors, including resources for survivors available in languages other than English. 

end the silence. An online forum for prose, poetry, and visual art dedicated to ending the silence surrounding sexual violence. Their mission is to promote communication about sexual violence by empowering survivors and their loved ones to use creative expression as a tool to reclaim their voices.

Incest Resources, Inc.  This non-profit organization is operated solely by all-survivors and all-volunteers.  Website offers a variety of educational resources and recovery material to survivors and professionals by mail order for a minimal charge. 

Pandora’s Aquarium.  An online support group, message board, and chat room for all survivors of sexual violence.  Free to join. 

Positive Partners of Survivors.  Message board created for individuals who are partners of sexual abuse survivors. 

Voices of courage: Inspiration from survivors of sexual assault.  Extensive resources page, including national organizations, state coalitions, suggested reading, and websites run by survivors.

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