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Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome to the BARCC blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s brand-new blog!

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center - BARCC - is the second-oldest rape crisis center in the country, and one of the largest. We cover the entire greater Boston area - including every college in Boston and its suburbs! Suffice to say we’re very busy.

Like most other rape crisis centers, BARCC has a 24-hour hotline; like many others, we have medical advocates to accompany survivors to the hospital. We’ll be speaking more in-depth about those in the posts to come. But BARCC does have one branch that’s not as usual for crisis centers - we also do community outreach. BARCC isn’t just reactive - we’re proactive. We’re there for the survivors and their families and friends in the moment of crisis, but we’re also actively working on social change.

This blog is very much meant to be an instrument of social change. In it, we’ll talk about cases in the news, about the various services BARCC provides, about how books and movies handle depictions of rape and sexual assault - but a good part of our focus will be on what you can actually do. We’ll talk about how to handle it when a friend tells you they were raped. We’ll talk about how to build and maintain boundaries that feel right for you. We’ll talk about what you can do and say in your everyday life to dismantle rape culture and make your community a safer and more comfortable place to be.

So stay tuned! The blog updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Coming up in the next few weeks: BARCC’s book club, profiles of staff and programs, information about the Walk for Change, and so much more. But first, on Wednesday - meet the bloggers!

Posted by Shira on 02/08 at 09:10 AM


from a hotline phone and a small office in the women's center to changes as do we, evolving and growing. Our mission, however, has never wavered
Posted by lois  on  02/08  at  09:42 PM

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