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Friday, December 03, 2010

Making it visceral

Hat-tip to Jaclyn Friedman for alerting me to this. It's Friday, today was my last day of class, I'm totally mentally spent and I have exams in two weeks. Sorry I didn't have much of my own to contribute here this week, but Jaclyn found this amazing, powerful website: 16 Impacts of Sexual Assault. Written by a survivor, the blog covers her experiences facing her assault. It may be triggering. It's powerful, and it's necessary for allies like myself who want to do this work to remember all of the manifold ways sexual assault can affect a survivor's life. For anyone trying to get a better sense of empathy (I say better because I believe that non-survivors probably can't completely understand what a survivor experiences) for survivors, this is the place to find it.

Posted by Dave on 12/03 at 04:22 PM


First, good luck with exams!

Second, THANK YOU for that link to one of my new favorite (if you can ever say "favorite" in terms of rape) posts. I think it's a definitive description of the impacts of rape on the survivor, and I think it's especially useful broken down not by stage but by reaction/emotion. Someone who's not a survivor could follow along and have at least one epiphany per entry.

I'm SO bookmarking this for future reference.
Posted by lisa  on  12/07  at  10:55 AM

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